Simplest green smoothie

The Absolute Simplest Green Smoothie (…And The Cheapest!)

  • You can make a green smoothie using an immersion or classic blender.

  • Don’t worry about following a recipe; follow my simple formula instead!

  • Drink a green smoothie each day for more energy, brighter skin, and better digestion.

“Green” smoothies and juices are all the rage these days. Since so many people are buying into their greatness, suggested recipes and blenders (like the pricey Vitamix) are popping up everywhere! Because of this, making a green smoothie may seem like an ordeal or investment. At least, that’s what I thought a few weeks ago. Since I didn’t have a swanky blender or juicer–and I wasn’t willing to invest in one–I thought I’d forever be out of the green smoothie loop.

However, I did have a basic immersion blender. Would this work? I was prepared to find out…

Through a bit a lot of trial and error, I perfected a formula for the simplest green smoothie. Now, I’m ready to share my newfound knowledge with you!

First of all, what exactly is a “green” smoothie?

In my mind, a green smoothie differs from your average Jamba Juice smoothie because it contains more…greens! Traditionally, smoothies are fruit-based, which means they’re higher in sugar. The green smoothie is veggie-based, making it lower in sugar and thus better for your health.

My formula for the simplest green smoothie

Notice I used the word “formula” and not “recipe.” The word recipe turns me off because I assume I need certain ingredients that I may not always have on hand. In reality, a green smoothie can be a mix of anything–no recipe required!

simplest green smoothie = Any blender + Non-perishable base + other ingredients + Water

1) Any blender

Don’t be hypnotized by the Vitamix craze. Yes, I have friends who own the Vitamix and they say it’s revolutionary. I’m sure I’d adore it if I owned one, but right now I’m not willing to dish out hundreds of dollars for a blender. For the simplest green smoothie, any blender will do! I have owned this (cheap!) Cuisinart immersion blender for over a year and it has never let me down. I also bought a couple (also cheap!) 16 oz. mason jars to hold my smoothie ingredients. (If you’re using a classic blender, you obviously don’t need the mason jars.)

Mason Jar and Immersion Blender

16 oz. Mason Jar and Immersion Blender

2) Non-perishable base

In my opinion, one of the most off-putting and challenging notions about the green smoothie was always needing to have fresh produce/ingredients on hand. Yes, I usually have a fridge drawer full of veggies and fruits, but sometimes my supply dwindles and I don’t feel like going to the market. That’s why I sought out to discover a non-perishable base. BUT, remember that this is just a formula, not a recipe. You may discover a different non-perishable base that works better for you! Here is mine:

  • Nut butter. Artisana is my favorite brand because each of their butters contains only organic nuts–no unhealthy additives! My favorite of theirs is cashew butter, but they also make great almond, walnut, and pecan butters. (Find Artisana butters on Amazon or in your local health food store.)
  • Powdered greens. It’s great to have powdered greens on hand to supplement any fresh ones you have in your fridge. I love the Perfect Supplements three-grass blend of barley, wheat, and oat grasses. According to the item description on Amazon, “Barley Grass has nearly 5 times the iron of spinach, packs 80mg of vitamin B12 per hundred grams, and contains 8 essential amino acids. Wheat Grass can improve the digestive system, relieve constipation, detoxify blood, cleanse the liver, aid in the removal of toxins from the body, improve blood sugar balance and reduce high blood pressure levels. Oat Grass is packed with vitamins B, C and K, folic acid, protein, fiber, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.” 
  • Honey. Just a tiny bit of honey will make your green smoothie taste so much better. I like Beekeeper’s Naturals “Bee Powered” because it contains three powerful compounds: propolis, royal jelly, and bee pollen. One teaspoon contains only 5 grams of sugar, and I usually add about a half teaspoon to my green smoothie. (Also, Beekeeper’s Naturals prioritizes sustainable beekeeping, which makes me want to support them!)
Non-perishable green smoothie ingredients

Non-perishable green smoothie ingredients

Just add your non-perishable ingredient base to your mason jar or blender and you’re halfway there! I usually use about a tablespoon of nut butter, one scoop of green powder, and a half teaspoon of honey.

Basic Green Smoothie Ingredients in Mason Jar


3) Add any other fresh + non-perishable ingredients

This is where the fun mixology comes in! Now that you have your base, you can add anything (yes, pretty much anything!) else you have lying around.

The sky is the limit at this point, but just remember that some ingredients go together better than others. For example, I probably wouldn’t add onion to a green smoothie…but that’s just me! Here are some ideas:

  • Cinnamon (a great taste-booster)
  • Berries (fresh or frozen)
  • Greens (fresh or frozen)
  • Chia seeds
  • Milk (I prefer to use dairy-free versions like cashew and almond)
  • Flax seeds
  • Apples (stick with green apples to keep your smoothie’s sugar content low)
  • Avocado (depending on how hungry I am, I’ll use half or a whole)
  • Citrus (another great way to add sweetness but not too much sugar)
  • Yogurt (again, I prefer to use dairy-free versions)
  • Cacao powder (for a chocolate-y taste!)
  • Coconut flakes
  • Acai, goji, or maqui berry powder (great to have on hand in case you don’t have fresh berries)
  • …other!

For my most recent smoothie, I added the following: cashew milk, hemp hearts, spirulina + chlorella (algae) powder, frozen arugula, a green apple, half an avocado, and some blueberries.

Other Green Smoothie Ingredients

Cashew milk, hemp hearts, algae, arugala, green apple, avocado, blueberries

4) Just add water! (Or any liquid you want)

Whichever liquid you decide to use, be sure to fill it to the top of the other ingredients. In the below smoothie, I used a combo of cashew milk and water, but I often use just water and it still tastes great. If your smoothie seems too thick, add more liquid.

Other Green Smoothie Ingredients

Ready to blend!

Ta da! Now you’ve made the simplest green smoothie!

Simplest Green Smoothie

Simplest Green Smoothie

As promised, it’s easy to make, low-tech, and cheap! Retailers sell green juices and smoothies for exorbitant amounts of money (a store down the street from me sells a 12-oz. juice for a whopping $11!), but you can make your own for $5 or less. And, it’s essentially a meal replacement, especially when you add filling ingredients like nut butter and avocado.

Immersion/classic blender bonus: Cleanup is easy peasy!

Since I’ve been drinking a green smoothie each day, I’ve noticed the following health improvements:

  • More energy
  • Brighter skin
  • Improved digestion

Add one to your daily routine and you won’t be sorry!

Did you add a green smoothie to your daily routine? If so, did you notice any health improvements? Which ingredients DO YOU LIKE BEST?

In each blog post, I aim to bring you food for thought (pun intended. Note: my day job is teaching English), but don’t take my word for it! Click on and read all of the links above to become your own expert on this topic; knowledge is power. The more you know and understand the “why” behind each biohack, the easier it will be to stick to it and realize you can’t live without it!


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