Don’t Let “Decision Fatigue” Dictate Your Choices

What is "decision fatigue"? Surf the web and you'll find many definitions, but my interpretation is this: As humans, we make thousands of decisions each day (and, in this fast-paced world, we make many, many more than our animal relatives and ancestors); because of this, we ultimately hit a point of mental exhaustion. Once this … Continue reading Don’t Let “Decision Fatigue” Dictate Your Choices

Snack like a Smartie

Looking for healthy and satisfying ways to curb those midday hunger pangs? I have some suggestions! First of all, let's tackle some common snacks to avoid: Pretzels Chips Candy Non-fat or low-fat yogurt (especially the sugary kind!) Crackers Anything made with bread Cookies Artificially sweetened snacks Artificially sweetened beverages Cereal Granola bars (The second ingredient … Continue reading Snack like a Smartie